Dear visitors 

Nicolai Bergmann Hakone Gardens was many years in the making.
Just as anything you care deeply about, I have been nurturing and building a wonderful relationship with this place. 
With preserving nature at the very core of this project, we have developed a garden with the utmost respect to the ever changing nature of this unique land. 
At the very beginning of this endeavor was my encounter with Mr. Yoshiaki Nohira, the original owner of the land.
He was looking for someone who cared about this place in Gora, Hakone just as much as he did, and I am grateful that he decided I was that person. 
While creating a space where anyone can enjoy, I want to make sure that we continue to respect and nurture the land and gift of nature. 
I hope that all of my visitors fall in love with nature and with Hakone not once but many times over.


Danish floral artist Nicolai Bergmann has been based in Japan for more than 20 years. His unique fusion of Japanese and Western designs draw inspiration from Japan’s unique traditions, culture and climate.
Throughout his career, Nicolai has continued to create flower designs and sculptural forms made from an array of materials, constantly challenging himself to bring new visions of art to the public.
Since the onset of his career he has been hoping to turn his inspirations in Japan to a more tangible and lasting form and over many years, searched for a vast location where he could do so.
During one weekend getaway in 2015, he finally discovered the land in Gora, Hakone where he felt was the perfect place to become one with nature, where nature remains unspoiled and intact.
The Nicolai Bergmann Hakone Gardens is a unique place where Nicolai’s designs are incorporated into nature, connecting people with the beautiful land.


『Mobile Garden』 is what Nicolai Bergmann proposes – Garden in the wilderness that fascinate you and show new characteristics with each visit.
Influenced by the unique nature of Hakone, the floral art installations, flower plantations and potted greens constantly change and move around the garden.
We welcome visitors to enjoy the different features of the garden amongst the ever changing backdrop of Hakone’s nature.
Spring, when everything turns to the color of cherry blossoms, early summer, when the beautiful gradation of hydrangea envelopes you,
autumn, when the silver of silver grass appears in a dream-like state and winter, when nature shows its gleam through the harsh cold.
Flowers bloom everywhere and the garden is dotted with floral art and objects created by Nicolai.
With the aim of preserving his creations within nature’s beauty, the mobile garden acts also as a natural canvas of Nicolai’s art


The aim was to realize a unique garden designed by Nicolai Bergmann, making the most of Hakone’s natural surroundings.
Hakone, which is easily accessible from Tokyo, is home to a unique and diverse natural environment with its own colors and scenic routes.
With preserving this unique ecology as a priory, Nicolai Bergmann Hakone Gardens offers visitors the opportunity to easily integrate with nature and soak in its beauty in their daily lives.