Nicolai Bergmann Hakone Gardens is a mobile garden that changes with each visit, allowing visitors to enjoy the seasons as they come.
Visitors can catch a glimpse of nature including plants, flowers, animals, birds, and the ecosystems that inhabit Hakone and Gora.

The sculptural pieces are created by Nicolai Bergmann himself using stones, branches, fallen leaves, and other materials found in Hakone,
and can only be seen at the Hakone Gardens.Benches and pavilion are set-up throughout the garden to incite visitors to relax and immerse in nature, body and soul.
The Event space I can be used according to the season, and the pavilion are lined with bright flowers that are ever changing much like the climate of Hakone.
The hydrangea art piece near the entrance is composed of reused seedlings left over from the Nicolai Bergmann Flower School held in Minami Aoyama
and has taken on a new life from here, becoming a symbol of Hakone Gardens.

We’d like to welcome you all, to relax and take a moment to immerse in nature and discover something new here.